Saturday, September 20, 2014

The New iPhone- And I Want To Live In A Tree

I have mentioned previously that as I age, I become angrier. I need to take a whole box of chill pills and keep reading more zen literature....I tell myself to block it out, no good can come of letting my blood boil, but often boiling point is reached far too easily and I just can't be doing with things.

The new iPhone for example. Bazillions of people with nothing better to do than to queue for 70 hours (yes 70 hours!!!) for the new one. Whoopptee dooooo, it's slimmer, it has longer battery life...well tickle my nose hairs until damn what?

I am so underwhelmed I could scream.

And again...against my better judgment I watched the news tonight. Some bogan who can kick a football has a pretty wife who once wore a red dress  (for eff's sake) on the red carpet and some pointless waste of space claims " Ten years have passed and everyone's still talking about that red dress".

Well I wasn't. But I am now- though I'm not complimenting it! And I bet you aren't spending any time talking about it either.

Well forgive me if I scream a little, but if life boils down to a new phone and a red dress that some chick wore in the mysts of time showing of her toned, but basically predictable footballer's wife physique, then there is no damn wonder our world is in the state it is in.

It does my head in. Is this what life for so many has become? Queuing for a phone and giving kudos and celebration to a lass in a sexy frock?

Is there any wonder I want to live in a tree...?

Daily Roundup

But The Tigers Come at Night.....

Friday yippeeeeeee....No Spend Day. Urgh I hate spending and what a relief it is to keep it in my bank account. I can't believe I used to waste so much money just for the actual act of spending. Whilst I lived in a perpetual state of buyer's remorse, the actual act of handing over money, chasing and obtaining something for it really did make me feel good, for about five seconds or so. Now the act of handing over money, even for necessities strikes me as fairly unsavoury. I will still have to spend tomorrow, have a pre-organised event to attend, but then I am shoving my digits deep into my pockets and am not bringing them out for a while.

September has been a spendy month and I don't like it. Maybe a year down the track I will be fine with it, but at this stage I am too newly reformed as a Thoreauvian  non-spendy frugal convert that I want nothing going least as much as I can help it.

Nothing worse than a reformed (spender, smoker....insert the word).

Friday, September 19, 2014

When You Were Young

I heard it most recently on my bestest show "Criminal Minds". The entertaining Dr Spencer Reid articulated that when you are in adolescence around ages 14-16 you formulate many of the likes, dislikes and preferences you will have and keep for the rest of your life.

Of course he was referring to the preferences, propensities and predilections of a certain serial killer in the episode, but nonetheless the truth remains.

So what did I like a a teenager? And I ask this as a way of determining where my interests and time is spent nowadays.

* I loved music (Gothic, Celtic mainly) yep- still do.
* I liked reading (love it even more now if that's even possible)
* I spent a lot of time walking around with my chums of an evening. Now I like to walk with my dog chums or daughter.
* Loved the theatre and drama. Now I like to be a viewer, not the actor I dreamed of being.
* I used to love modelling- hmmm too old and long in the tooth to care about that now. Back in the day I did lots of catwalk and photographic.
* Fiddling with my hairstyle- yep some things never change.
* Writing. I used to like writing medieval Gothic romances, now I like to blog.
* Always hated talking on the phone- yes, still do
* Liked late nights, still do- though I am no good at staying up anymore...but theoretically.
* I was never in a cliquey group, just had a few friends- same now. Urgh no parental grapevine group for me.

These are a few I can think of off the top of my head. In all honestly I don't think I have changed much. I am more angry about things now, more cynical and more sad about the world. All the self-help books in the world don't make me any more mindful, but in theory I keep trying. I dream of living with my people in a little wooden cabin away from civilsation (and yes I use this word very loosely). I don't like get togethers or dinner parties and I did used to like a social I like a quiet at home life with the beings who I care about...I still dress the same, still love my animal print, fake fur and styles...

28 years may have passed since I was 15, but the teenager is still inside!
...and oh how I would have loved to be an actor...but I got the predictable trade instead.

Tell me, how different are you these days?

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Using Time Well

I have not always used my time well and still watch way more DVDs and some TV shows than I really feel is right. And as time goes on I really think I need to think a lot more about how I use my time.

So with a significant period of holiday coming up I am determined not to waste the hours I am given and want to use the time to accomplish something.

Now my somethings don't include overseas travel, nor do they include formal education. Since my aim in life is to live in semi-retirement before I am 70 then I want to use the time I am given for useful, practical and frugal means. But by doing something that will really be of benefit to the lifestyle we head towards.

I have mentioned many times that I am a very ordinary cook- and I think the time I am given will be helpful in this area and will allow me the time to consider what meals can go in a meal plan to keep it frugal, varied and with some modicum of taste. I have never really sat down and thought hard about this or the times I have tried the cooking plans have gone a little pear shaped.

The veggie garden is a beautiful oasis of weeds right now, but with hours spent in the beautiful spring and summer wedding I truly hope to turn this around. It has been very productive in the past and I know I can restore it to a former glory.

I have a daily dog-walking plan in my mind which will mean our dogs are walked by nine am each morning before it gets too hot and when it is nice and peaceful.

So there are the holiday walking, organising a cooking plan/schedule and trying to bring the veggie garden back to fruition.

Initially I was worried that the ideas and plans were very small. But why do they have to be so-called big? I don't intend to sleep in all day and I do intend to be productive. I have no inclination for travel, couldn't care less. If my true aim in life is really to live in a tiny way...then honestly this sounds like the perfect plan.

Is there anything else I should/could be doing?

Daily Roundup

Yesterday was a No Spend Day but today I have to buy petrol $20. Other than that...all is well.