Saturday, July 26, 2014

For God's Sake Stop Being So Damn Selfish

The Cold Child

The Warrior

Please be prepared for a is coming...and I make no apologies for it.

My daughter, who is a mighty fine and empathetic human being (and who looks very much like the child in the photo above) has a friend. She is a sweet little eleven year old and has been a good companion for my girl. BUT this poor little lass, let's call her Sophie, lives in reduced, nay quite questionable circumstances.

My dear girl and I were driving to school the other day and she queried whether or not she had a spare coat. I said she did, (she has three- all donated btw). She then asked if she might be able to give one to Sophie (who looks very much like the illustration above). I said that would be fine, but then probed to find out more.

Sophie is one of MANY children in her home. Cool, sounds good. But Sophie is one of many NEGLECTED children who come to school with barely anything to eat, who get left with their mother's latest love interest whilst the mother trots off overseas on a holiday for two weeks. And who also go out into the world in sub-zero temperatures in a light polo top and no coat.

WTF? It makes me so angry. I can barely speak to be honest.

Reports to child services don't help really, because she is not actually being abused physically or sexually. The abuse is different. And also (and I don't blame child services I think they do a great job under budget cuts and other red-tape challenges)- but to me this kid is every bit as abused, in the fact that the mother obviously has thousands of dollars to spend on HERSELF but not her little kids.

I don't mind helping out and giving my girl extra food and clothing to give to Sophie. Some might say I am giving the mother (and I use this term loosely) no reason to step up as a parent BUT when it is a little kid, it's a no brainer. Her needs have to come first. The mother is a dumb bi**h.

My positive from this is that my daughter sees how well she is cared for and she also has a developed, caring, sweet and loving nature. A nature that considers others above herself.

For that I can be very grateful.

- names have been changed to protect the innocent.

The Stupid Takeaway Shop That I Must Avoid

It's actually not a stupid takeaway shop. It is really very civilised and the ladies who work there are nice. But when you are blessed with as little self-control as I am, you sometimes find yourself in there unable to refrain from buying comestibles, usually of a very unhealthy nature.

When I am not exercising self-control I have been known to buy things that I regret quite shortly after. The sort of items that have adverts. I try not to buy items (so-called food) that have adverts but I am so crap at this. Sometimes something extremely disgusting is bought...and I have been known to waste far too much money on who knows what?

And it adds up too....

....that lack of self- control I have has reared of late and in the last two weeks I have spent over $50 in there. This is shocking to me. I am having a one month ban on going through the doors, as I am cross with myself. If it was money spent on food like veggies and fruit, fine.

But it was not.


That $50 would look so much prettier in my bank account.

Friday, July 25, 2014

24/365 Clearing Closet Clutter

Never Worn

Never Worn

Never Worn

Never Worn
So today I have four get-rid-of items.I have never worn any of them and I am hoping they will go to someone who will wear them

1. A Table Eight dress- far too mumsy for me.
2. The leather jacket, nice but one of several I own and NOT a favourite style- I need a more biker chick look.
3. An ancient symbol/mystical type sweatshirt NWT. Too tight and a crappy quality item.
4. A silk shapeless creation. I love the colours, I don't like caring for silk and I never iron anything.

The learnings from  today's get-rid-ofs
1. I don't like anything that makes me feel mumsy.
2. Some items are just too cheap and I am too old for tacky.
3. I don't like ironing and will not wear silk, no matter what.
4. Leather jackets rock, but I have a preference for style and colour and feel. They take ages to wear out and look good in that worn-in way, and a brown pigskin one is not a black leather one.
5. I have too many clothes.
6. Like my bookshelf and book collection, it is possible to keep finding lots of items to eradicate without feeling I am down to nothing.
7. I have wasted far too much on far too much and I need very little.
8. My style is evolving, but I have previously shopped in a multiple-personality type way.

Food Waste Friday

Welcome to Food Waste Friday, a sad and pitiful post where I showcase any food that has gone to waste over the week. Now luckily being the proud mum of two chickens ensures that nothing really goes to waste. It is more of a case of food not eaten and having to be passed on type Friday. But it does still displease me that some food does not reach the intended mouths.

This salad I bought on orange sticker sale. Unlike the UK where orange stickers mean something, where they actually sell items for pennies, in Australia, the markdowns are crap. Hardly worth the ink and sticker they use for the slightly lower price. This salad bag went from $3 to $2.10- whoopty do!

It actually looks ok on the photo, but there was slime-aplenty...the chooks were grateful though!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

22/365 The Most Frugal Person Award Is Not Yet Ready To Be Mine!!!

In my own little world I would love to be the most frugal person alive. I am not sure why, but I think it is to do with the challenge of reinventing past behaviours to such an extent that I can truly say I have swung a full 180.

At the moment I believe I have swung maybe a full 45 degrees. Hey it's a quarter of the way there. But what I need to keep at the forefront of my mind is the other 135 degrees I still want to travel.

I am still too close to being one purchase away from falling back to old buying ways. Like a reformed alcoholic, I am still a big spender who is that one purchase away from falling back down the hole of wasted money.

I resent this, but accept that it will make me a stronger person for all the hard work and focus it takes to change forever. I want to be the person who uses everything up, who wears things out and who doesn't lose focus at the sight of one pair of beautifully crafted leather knee high boots.

The last few months have taught me that a blip in my life is all I need to go back to parting, quite randomly with my hard-earned money.

But it hasn't felt good. It has felt horribly and nastily revolting. I am under control again, damn glad of it.

And just for today, I will not spend (on unnecessary crap at least).