Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Daily Roundup

Having a No Spend Day starts as a warm glow. Today the no spend came about due to the fact that my daughter is sick and so we did not have to take our weekly trip to drama class. I am not happy about my girl being ill, but I am happy about not spending. I am quite sure that by the time I get home from work though, she will have staged somewhat of a recovery. But she wasn't faking last night...falling asleep in front of the fire pretty much within an hour of getting home from school.

Anyway, not much more to say about that, but good to not be wasting...

Oh Go On...If I Must Have a Present

My family know me too well. They know if they want to give me a present, then it should be something of a food-type nature. I can't fib, I had a large frisson of excitement as I opened a present from my sister the other day. Pickled ginger, Tasmanian jam, Tabasco chocolate, curry sauce, pesto and olive oil....all my dreams in one pink bag.

I love delicatessen foods, but very rarely buy them. That's what makes this type of gift so special and my sister working in such a place has ready access to all the delights I am too tight to buy.

Now just imagine if I bought this kind of food every day. I wouldn't find it so exciting would I? Kind of the way the clothing issue became with me, too much stuff and nothing I really loved.

Cool eh?

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Daily Roundup

Today I spent a little, not much, just a little. I spent $6 at the store on some cream and some sweeties, I have to confess. I did feel a bit guilty, but I wanted a little sweet treat..

I also spent $4 on a Kindle book...I shouldn't have, but I did. I know $10 isn't much, but it's all about the little things, still, I said I would be honest online so here it daily confession.


I was determined that the short getaway I would be taking my daughter on in October would be funded in ways other than my pay. I am 75 % of the way towards having the amount I had firmed in my head for how much the days away would cost. It has been coming in drips and drabs but I have sold a few things and bit by bit it has mounted up to almost where I need to be to cover costs. This goes to prove my thoughts that small amounts do add up. Not that I ever disputed it, but it is yet again a further reminder that what seems small at the time, can really add up.

This can be a positive in terms of my selling a few things here and there to add up to getaway costs...or other things one might save for.

Or alternatively it can also be a cautionary tale of remembering that all the small pointless, unneeded purchases one makes can also add lots of waste..though I know all readers know that.

What may seem like small daily reminders or rediscoveries are really important to help keep me focused and on track. After my accident earlier in the year I lost it big time and wanted to simply give up. And for a while I lost myself, my smile and my discipline...but all I achieved was annoyance at myself. It was like I had been looking for an excuse to spend again and I had given myself the accident as the excuse. But all I felt was a failure...and relieved when I got refocused again.

I don't need an excuse to spend...if there's nothing I crave. And there's nothing I crave, so if I feel like I need to buy, I have to look behind what the craving is about....and do some serious introspective thinking. I really do think that this time, I have a handle on myself.

 No really...this time!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Daily Roundup

Sunday and Monday have both been NO SPEND DAYS which is just as well since I have wedding money to give to friends at the weekend and a canteen bill I owe of $60.

This canteen bill covers about 4 months of food for both my daughter and myself at various periods at my school. Sometimes if I have forgotten my lunch or needed a coffee because I haven't had one on a morning due to not fancying one at the time I have racked up a few dollars or so. Still I guess for a time period of four months between the two of us, that's not too bad.

In the dark ages I used to spend about $30 a week...jeepers. Anyway, all is on track!