Thursday, July 31, 2014

If Shopping Were Therapy...I'd Have Been Cured Years Ago

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Ok, somehow I have hit a point that never before have I reached.

In the past I have gotten rid of untold amounts of clothes, thousands most likely, but right now it is almost like something akin to a light switch has clicked on. I am racing to get rid of the clutter and schmatter in my closet. I had a very grown up attitude that I would carefully list it on EBay, but to be honest with you, I don't want to do that. I want it gone as soon as it can be gone.

It has become my new bookshelf. Remember when I started clearing all read, unread or not interesting to me books? Every day I would think I had reached that magical point of only owning what I really had to have, books I couldn't live without. Well every day I kept finding another one, and another one...until my books are now from over a thousand to less than one hundred and still getting fewer each day.

Similarly with my clothes. I told myself that every piece I owned I loved and cherished. Cherished so much I didn't remember most of what I owned and I certainly didn't wear even a tidgy fraction of it.

Today I got rid of two big bags. This is only the tip of the iceberg...but I feel motivated. I know my getting rid of can be of benefit to others.

I have had a few thoughts in mind as I have been on my mad clear out.

* If it looks cheap, I don't want it. That is not to say I want designer labels, I don't. But I am not a teenager who is strapped for pennies. I have plenty of other items that mean I don't have to wear cheap rubbish. And by cheap I don't mean cost, most of my clothes are second hand, I mean cheap as in, oh I washed it once and it fell apart.....type cheap.

* If it makes me look mumsy like, I don't want it. By that I mean dumpy, frumpy and American tan pantyhosed. This is not the look for me. I am not a lady from the 1970s.

* Would I buy it again? No? Out it goes.

* Would I like to wear the style? No? Out it goes.

* Am I only keeping it because it was expensive? Yes? Out it goes.

* Does it fit with the looks I love? No? out it goes.

The sheer amount of clothing I still am yet to get rid of overwhelms me. In fact in reality, I care so little about what I own, that now, literally less than an hour after packing the first bag, I couldn't tell you what's in there.

My consolation and it is a good consolation, is that others can benefit from my foolhardy past behaviours.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

29/365 Needing Less Is The Way To Having More

Right On My Doorstep

How Australian

A Very Tall tree

The Way Through the Woods
In my days of buying too much, and in my mini-downfalls of continuing to buy, all I felt was disengaged, disheartened and remorseful. Logic would tell a person that if the actions you are doing make you feel this way, then the right thing to do would be to stop.

And for a while I did.

Then the slippery slope would be soaped up and I would binge buy. At no time when I have binge bought in the past have I ever felt calm, composed and pleased with myself. Like the saying goes, if I am not happy with what I have, how can more make me feel better? And it didn't. I was angry mainly, perhaps because you know what, I think I am OK, I think I can keep a handle on a fair few things, but buying (mainly clothes) was something that seemed to keep getting the better of me. I couldn't work it out and to be honest I still can't work it out why I felt the need to own, mostly unworn, clothing.

I have stopped buying (again) as of 29 days ago and unless I need something (highly unlikely) I won't buy anything else for as long as I can. When I read my fave blog ILONA and find out she is wearing items she has had 25 years, that makes me excited and inspired and keen to be even a fraction like that. Very rarely has an item of clothing really moved me. I love a few items, a few certain colours and styles and some cool boots, but beyond that I really couldn't care less.

So once again it begs the question? Why have I spent the equivalent of a down payment on a house on clothing. I do not know.

I don't care if I look fashionable. I do like certain looks, but I have all I need to achieve these styles, so I don't need more. I don't care what people think of me, in fact current observations suggest I look very much (and dress very much) like an elf! Hahaaa...I have no problem with that! Today I am wearing a Christmas jumper with Christmas trees and snowflakes on, tight purple skinny legs, red elf boots and my hair, is a dark red/black pixie colour...

I simply can't buy any more. The way I feel when I buy is just too disappointing. I think more of myself than to disappoint myself...have I finally got it together... says "yes". this space...

Saving Half My Pay Round One

Local Winter Daffs Aren't They Lovely/
Oh my word, it has been blowing a gale all night, siling it down and terrifying animals and people. Streets are flooded, branches and trees down, houses soaked through. My students have wet shoes and socks and the weather, oh the weather, love it, hate it, but today we are all scared by it.

Will capture some pictures for you if I can see through the rain!

Anyway, today is the day. I am about to embark upon my latest challenge, in which I save over half my pay. Now many clever frugalistas can do this with no worries, but I am a work in progress, one which has a long way to go.

So, each fortnight, I will put the sum in my mind in my untouchable account. It will be just slightly over half of my pay. Everything that is left I will be documenting how it gets spent and re-organised in a small memo book I purloined from school

Of the money I spend I will be able to see if there are some leaks that still need plugging. One dyke with a leak in it is that of the spare money I have that I waste on the more junk type food area. I think the key to not spending on rubbish is to not have the money available, (simple really).

My problem with spending on garbage is that I have had leftover money on my debit card and have spent it on crap. Mt tummy feels it and my mind is unimpressed by it.

But I feel fairly strong. I am continually inspired by ILONA on a daily basis. She is who I want to be when I really can get my frugal pants on and fastened. I know I have the willpower, I know how pleased I am with myself when I am frugal. I have paid off thousands in the past with sensible and tempered living...there should be no reason I can't up the tightwad-ness..

Look I come.

In two weeks time I will blog my discoveries, findings and successes. Notice I did not say failures...? Failure is not an option.

Monday, July 28, 2014

A No-Cost Adventure

End of our lane

Walking towards the dog park

End of our road

An interesting house

Child chasing dog chasing child

Ugly but beautiful

Through the trees is the water

Ava and Jazz

Here comes the rain
Yesterday my daughter and her friend and I went for a walk, we took two of our dogs. I always lament the fact that we don't walk around our area enough, so we are making big efforts to rectify this. We live on the river and by lots of dense bushland so it is rather daft not to take advantage of it.

My daughter didn't get dressed yesterday and went out in her sleeping attire (leggings and a tee) topped off with a lime green fleece dressing gown. She didn't care, neither did I. In fact my daughter is so disinterested in clothes it makes me laugh sometimes!

We walked for an hour and played chasies with the dogs as well as trying (somewhat unsuccessfully) to skim stones on the water. Those two little kids and myself, not to mention the dogs, could not have had more fun if we had tried. The kids and the dogs smiled the whole time and when we got home everyone felt satisfied having filled their lungs with air and having a big laugh.

Such fun.

What is your favourite no-cost adventure?