Thursday, May 30, 2013

Eat Less, Save Money, Lose Weight...The Successful Trifecta!

Now I have my wasteful spending under fairly strict control,I want to hone in on what I am still spending that is still superfluous to requirements, even if it falls under the ' sort-of necessity' umbrella.

There are still savings to be made and I have an aim to be so frugal that once I have no debts left, I can still live very simply to build up the savings. The aim is definitely not to pay off debt and then drop my frugal bundle. No way.

So my spending is mainly limited to food and bills for living.

But I do still buy snacks and a little bit of 'lunch out'. Sometimes,depending on schedule,it can be a couple of times a fortnight and even though I use coupons fora two for one, it is still spending more or is $8 for two Subway sandwiches not a rip off?. I wish I could learn to have an opinion.

I do still eat too much and even though my diet is working,less would certainly help with the weight both in kilograms, dollars and portion sizes. I like that triple combo.

I have also had to buy gifts for children, for when my daughter has been to a party or for my nieces.

Is there a way to be frugal and buy gifts when you really can't avoid it and not look like a cheapskate?

That is not to say I spend oodles, $20 is my limit ( or thereabouts) is that OK I wonder? I feel fairly happy with that.I also usually buy  plastic vouchers, so at least the recipient can choose their own thing and there is no chance I am replicating a gift or buying something unwanted.

I am still spending too much on food, but I have to say my ability to bargain shop, and find the times when things are cheaper has improved.

Either way, there are still greater improvements to be made, so I will continue to check everything I buy and consider necessity versus excess.

Thanks for reading.
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