Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sometimes You Just Have To Be A Gemma

Nothing Is More Important Than Your Child/ren

I have a bit of personal biz to attend to tomorrow, and have had to have a day off work to do so. This is fine and all above board, and it occurs to me that the things for which we fight, the real meaningful stuff is never about stuff. Well, for a lot of us, it isn't about stuff.

When I was younger I used to spend time stressing a bit if someone borrowed something from me and didn't give it back. These days, and indeed for many of the past many years, I haven't really cared about that. Releasing the perceived importance is a great move, for me anyway.

I know it can be disheartening when people aren't reliable, but it also helps you separate those with integrity in your life and those who aren't trustworthy. To be honest, if someone needs something of mine more than I do, well they are welcome to keep it. Those within my beloved circle are all people I would trust with my life anyway.

I'm rambling....

So, how has the spending and saving been going recently ? I must say I feel that it has been going well, though perhaps the pendulum has been wound too tight. I had a computer issue last week and whilst it is mended now, the computer technician recommends I get an external hard drive, for just in case. I got the money for one for my birthday, but chose to save it and not buy the hard drive....but the tide won't stop and I know I have to go any buy one, tomorrow if possible, otherwise all my great downloads from itunes could be lost forever...and I can't be losing my SOA or Fringe episodes....

Hahahaa..I never thought I would ever be a tight-wad...but indeed I am !

Have a great day.

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