Friday, September 16, 2011

How To Stop Spending- Well One Idea Anyway..

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Ok, so one way to help curb the leaking of the wallet/credit card is to remove temptation.

When I first went on my spending health kick I made an effort to try and take away any type of temptation that might have passed me by each day. So anything like catalogues in the mail, I discontinued my subscription to, and any that continued to turn up went straight into the recycling without my even having a glance at them.

I also owned a lot of magazines and fashion books, out they all went too. Excellent for not giving me ideas and also in terms of decluttering.

I stopped watching any channel with adverts as well as being logged on to Ebay. Often in terms of Ebay I would just go on for a QUICK GLANCE and before I knew it I had made a purchase ( or several ). No more !!

I do not go into town often. I avoid most shops except for the food stores and necessity shops. I only come online to check my Facebook, blog, emails and to look for recipes or other such day to day requirements, such as banking and bill paying.

I surround myself with positive, loved people so I am happy with my environment as much as possible. I no longer see the news every night ( preferring BTN- kids news as an alternative ). I don't buy newspapers, nor go to the cinema.

As a result I am very much out of the commercial centre of most things and I do not miss it one bit. It also means I do not have temptation wafted in my face every two seconds and spend my time trying others activities.

A big help !

What temptations do you need to/ or have gotten rid of ?

 Please feel free to share in the comments.

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