Wednesday, August 31, 2011

They Don't Sell Happy At The Store

Thank You Kazza

Thank You Tony and Princess Pammy

It is totally true, they don't sell happy at the store and on this day, my 40th birthday, I can finally say this with confidence and clarity.

No need for new year's resolutions in regards to my financial endeavours, those resolutions are well in place and actioned. This year has been the most reasoned and sensible of my life and I believe the good habits I have brought to my day to day living are firmly ensconced for the rest of my life and paying dividends.

They don't sell happy at the store...but happiness is well endowed upon me by the love, greetings, care and consideration given to me by those around me. My dear friend baking the cake above, my dear birthday twin K. My other dear friends bringing me the biggest and creamiest cake ever proudly shouting " Happy 40th birthday ". It's only 9.12 am and I am singing a glorious song.

Just to finish I am going to share a few changes that have occurred this year...

Pizza once a fortnight from the local takeaway- Home made healthier/cheaper version.

Daily take-out coffees or chai lattes- Once, twice a week at the most.

Spending randomly on my credit card- Credit cards cut up and paid off ( or in the process of )

Buying new clothes nearly every day- No new clothes and shopping my wardrobe.

Bidding on clothes from Ebay almost daily- No bids ever, only selling.

Ordering lots of books from on my credit card- No longer ordering only using the library.

Ordering from the canteen nearly every day or slipping to the local supermarket in my lunch break- Brown bagging daily.

Buying presents randomly-Making presents for people usually in the form of food

Daily 600ml Pepsi Max drinks ( $3.50 each )- 2 for $3.00 from the supermarket in a larger size ( 1.25 l ).

No saving, or any I did save I dipped into until it was gone- Saving $1500 a month

Only minimum monthly payments on credit cards- Extra payments, more frequently than monthly.

Ignoring the bank when it sent mean letters- Ringing the bank, taking responsibility for my sexually transmitted debt but making more manageable payments.

Daily shopping at the expensive local IGA because I panicked about what we were going to eat for tea- Bulk buying and planning meals ahead of time.

Buying my daughter way too many things she asked for- Negotiating and having her earn her pocket money.

Thinking things made me who and what I am- Knowing I am not my possessions, and having more doesn't make me MORE of a person.

Buying stuff and missing out on creative experiences- Looking for the experience and not the possession- trips to the park and theatre over shopping malls.

Great start I think !

Before I got a financial spine and after I grew that spine

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