Thursday, August 25, 2011

Oops- That's Very Wabi-Sabi

My Goddess Broke In My Arms- Oops

Instead of just grumbling about one's dire straits, detesting one's poverty, or even struggling to free oneself of this want,to conversely take such extremes of material hardship and not to be constricted by the material side. Transforming it all the more into a new-found realm of spiritual freedom, to not get caught up in worldly values, but to enjoy a tranquility beyond the everyday world, this is the life of the true devotee of wabi.

What is it that people actually want ?

I was watching a DVD of one of my favourite shows recently Kath & Kim and in episode one, series one Kim has left her husband for the second time since they were married a few months earlier and gone mooching back to her mother Kath. Kath asks Kim " What is it you want ? You have a half share in a home unit, a DVD player, TV " etc etc and Kim replies " I want more mum "...and I got to thinking.

I mean really, what is it that we actually WANT ?

Ostensibly Kim has everything she needs in the home comfort area. Her husband is actually fairly attentive and definitely loves her...and yet, and yet, and yet, she wants more.

Now Kim is a fairly self-absorbed character which is part of what makes her so funny, but the question still remains.....when we have all our basic needs met...what more is it that we want and why ?

I read somewhere that there are two reasons we do everything in life..either to move towards pleasure or to move away from pain.

If this is the case ( and it does make sense to me ) then we are either very greedy or very empty inside at times, or at least those of us who are constantly clamouring for more might be described this way.

So, if you are constantly buying more and more and if you don't consider yourself to be a greedy person does this mean you are in pain, always looking for the next fix to fill the void ? If you don't consider yourself to be in pain, then does this mean you are greedy ?

I believe my buying excesses were a little bit of both greed and pain in the past...but now I am in the land of not feeling like I need anything. Does this mean I am satisfied with myself ? If I am satisfied with myself, does this now mean I am living a more fulfilled, happier and meaningful life, uncluttered and unfettered by " stuff " ?

It certainly feels like it. So I ask again...

What is is that we want ?

What is it that you want ?

Do you want anything material ?

Or are you now in a place of satisfaction where your basic needs are met and could NOT be improved upon by material acquisitions ?

These are the things I wonder.

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