Thursday, July 21, 2011

Seeing Things Differently..

Begone Never Used Vegetarian Cook Books !

I used to spend so much time on the internet shopping and browsing that now I have put a cap on it I often find myself at a bit of a loose end for a while on an night. I am really pleased about this as it has opened up a world of options for me. More books are getting read for instance. More time to sit and just chill out without worrying that I am wasting time.

I have more time to cook and let me tell you, this is exactly what I am doing. I am finding more time to play with my daughter, get things done and even....get to bed earlier. I love this. I am just so sorry it took me so long to realise that there can be so many more hours in a day, if I just get rid of the stupid time wasting that shopping really is.

All in all, very positive. I am so happy I could crush a grape !

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